Thursday, March 24, 2011

Student Presentation Schedule

Each presentating group is to create a study guide including:
  • probing key questions
  • observations about Odysseus' characterization
  • key characters, their function and characterization
  • examples of literary devices employed by Homer
  • cogent quotations from each canto
  • places and the journey's process
  • how the narrative is organized and presented
  • supernatural intervention   
March 25:
Books 1-4  TheTelemachy: Maurice, Jeanette, Stefanie, Alexis
March 29:
Books 5-8  Raftwreck to Palace: Kenny, Katherine S., Melida, Tiffany
March 31:
Books 9-10  No Man, Polyphemus, Queen: Susan, Amy, Brandon,Victor
April 4:
Books 11-12 Hades and Back: Sergio, Alyssa, Chandandie
April 7:
Books 13-16 Alone, Home, Reunion: Brittany, Kenia, Katherine
April 11:    
Books 17-20 Father, Son, Wife: Raymond, Yenifer, Medina, Jamila
Books 21-24  Retribution: Malthen, Yunrui, Ivy, Shabranti


  1. how are you going to grade the presentation???? Because some people won't do any work and others might do the whole thing...... Just asking.....

  2. how long does the presentation have to be individually and as a whole?

  3. Katherine and Jamila, asked good questions. I will comment on what they asked, in class, on Monday. Please remind me to do so at the outset of the lesson, okay? Katherine, since your presentation is impending, please send me an email at: ASAP.

  4. I love presenting on the day after my birthday :). It is going to be very fun. I will be detailed as possible. I hope I will make you VERY proud Balgley

  5. I think the presentation was a succuss! everyone did a fantastic job!