Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Epithets You Gave Your Classmates

These are the epithets you wrote in class today to describe your classmates. As you can see, epithets conjure up and emphasize differing and very specific aspects of a person. They are descriptive, pliable, and extraordinary useful for Homer. Keep track of how Homer uses them. 

Hard working, friendly  TIFFANY
Quick minded, crazy haired, big smiling  YENIFER
Sweet, silent, fashionable  KENIA
Cupcake maker, happy faced, kind eyed, neat  AMY
Cool voiced  KENNY
Tall, long haired   KATHERINE (Paulino)
Big eyed  ALEXIS
Competitive, tall turtle, ear pierced, sleepy headed  BRANDON
Short, quiet  STEPHANIE
Red bulled, skillful handed, curious, elf eared, happy eyed  VICTOR
Brown eyed, sarcastic, happy headed, mo ice  MAURICE
Dark eye liner  KATHERINE (Suazo)
Shy, smooth haired, thoughtful, bright eyed, smart  SUSAN
Oval headed  JEANETTE
Outspoken, radiant, bubbly  JAMILLA
Quiet, light-eyed, smart, curly haired  BRITTANY
Strong voiced, long haired, girl looking  SERGIO
Orange haired, participator  RAYMOND
Wavy haired, bipolar  MEDINA
Young hearted, attentive  YUNRUI
Sweet, silent, fashionable  KENIA
Tall, tan, circus lover  MELIDA
(ABSENT: Ivy, Alyssa, Brandon, Alexis, Katherine Suazo
Never in school SHABRANTI)


  1. Katherine Paulino, TALL?!?!?!?!? She's one of the shortest girls in the class! xD
    I enjoyed doing this activity today, I liked how once you said "girl looking" everyone knew it was me -.-

  2. I thought this class activity was really fun! It shows how well we know are classmates.

  3. how can you describe someone as dark eyeliner? -_-

  4. thanks for the quick minded thing, whoever said it. I actually think i'm pretty slow,well in non-academic

    But seriously KP, tall? I bet Jeanett wrote that. She's the only person in the class shorter than KP. lol

  5. I love how people say I'm bipolar...

  6. Wow I missed a pretty awesome blog Post, but I would like to add Sexy, shy, stunning, makes my world go round to Katherine Suazo.

  7. This class activity was fun. I agree, Short and quiet are epithets that describe me.
    -Stefanie Zapata