Monday, February 14, 2011

Write an Essay on ACT II, iv Due 2/15/11 (tomorrow)

Please read Act II,, iv ALOUD to yourself carefully, with appropriate voice, volume, and emotion. It is not easy, so please consult the notes which accompany your text.  If you do this, you will be better prepared to write your essay and both to feel and to understand King Lear's rage, madness and transformation during the storm scene (Act III, ii).
It would be wise to blog about these questions with your classmates before writing your answers. 
1. Why is Gloucester on stage throughout much of this scene? 
2. Where are Gloucester's sympathies? How do we know?
3. Why are they all at Gloucester's castle to begin with?
4. How is this scene structured?  (Think of the stagecraft we discussed in class, i.e. the flow of characters entering and exiting and reentering, etc.)
5. Where are King Lear's knights, while this scene is being played out? How does this affect King Lear?
6. How do King Lear's feelings change throughout this scene?
7. How has the natural order of things further deteriorated?
8. How does the Fool function in this scene? How has his foolery changed? When does he speak,when is he on stage?
9. What is an end game? Do you sense an end game is taking place?
10. How has King Lear's dignity been affected by what happens in this scene?
11. Where in this scene do you sense King Lear verges on madness? Why? Use citations (quotes).
12. What do you think of King Lear's decision at the end of this scene. What are its probable consequences?


  1. Do you want us to answer all these questions?

  2. Yes. You are to do so in a composition.