Monday, February 28, 2011

KING LEAR Act IV, i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi , vii Questions

King Lear and Cordelia
by Ford Madox Brown

Written answers to these questions are due Wednesday.
IV, i
1. How does Edgar's philosophy change when he sees his blinded father?
2. Explain Gloucester's words, "As flies to wanton boys are we to gods./They kill us for their sport."
Compare this to view to other descriptions of supernatural powers at play. (Remember Gloucester's concern about the bad omens in I, i?)
3. How do Edmund and Albany compare according to Goneril?
4. Explain how and why Edgar behaves as he does to Gloucester?
IV, ii
1. According to Oswald, how has Albany changed?
2. What has happened between Goneril and Edmund on the journey? Compare this view to other descriptions of supernatural powers at play. (Remember Gloucester's concern about the bad omens in I, i?)
3. Why is Edmund returning to Cornwall?
4. What accusation does Albany make against Goneril? How does she respond?
5. How do Edmund and Albany compare according to Goneril?
6. How does Goneril respond to the death of Cornwall? Why do you think she responds in this way?
IV, iii
1. Why is the King of France not leading his army? Where is Cordelia? Who is leading the Frenchmen?
2. How does the Gentleman describe Cordelia? What sort of universe does Kent see operating in this?
3. Why won't King Lear see Cordelia? Where is he? Where is she?
IV, iv
1. What order does Cordelia give? What does she fear?
2. According to Cordelia, what is France's purpose for being in England? Why do you think she makes this point?
IV, v
1. What do we learn from the conversation between Regan and Oswald concerning Edmund? Gloucester? Regan herself?
IV, vi
1. Why has Edgar changed his disguise? Why is he facilitating his father''s "suicide?"
2. How does Edgar trick his father, Gloucester? Why does he go through such an elaborate hoax?
3. How does Shakespeare change Edgar's diction?
4. What does Gloucester hear in the voice at the cliff?
5. How does Edgar describe the beggar who led him to Dover (Edgar himself) to Gloucester? Why is this convincing to Gloucester?
6. What happens when King Lear and Gloucester meet?
7. Why are King Lear's railing satirical speeches appropriate to the play?
8. How well does King Lear recognize Gloucester, and what advice does he give him?
9. How does Gloucester respond respond to Oswald's "arrest" of him?
10. Why does Edgar kill Oswald? What does he serve to gain?
11. Why is Goneril's letter of importance?
IV, vii
1. How and why does Kent respond to Cordelia the way he does when she asks him to change into clothes fittinng his station??
2. How are King Lear and Coordelia reunited and what happens?
3. How has King Lear's way of referring to himself changed and what does this suggest King Lear has learned?
4. Discuss the miliitary situation that exists between the French and the English armies?



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  2. Hey Balgley got number 11 on act 4 scene 6 do you mean Goneril's letter, not Regan's