Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Place your Fool's quotation from King Lear as a comment on this posting.  Type it out, provide its scene and line numbers, give your reasons for selecting it, and write an interpretation of both what the quote means and how it relates to the play.


  1. Act I sc IV, 189 to 190
    "Now thou art an O without a figure. I am better than thou art now; I am a fool, thou art nothing."
    I choose it because sometimes nothing is nothing but people dont understand what nothing really means. The quote means that nothing is nothing. That the fool is nit nothing he is above the king in his own way. It relates to story because the king always says nothing is nothing and I think he is going to lose his mind till he has nothing.

  2. The sweet and bitter fool
    Will presently appear;
    The one in motley here,
    The one found out there.

  3. Brandon, you were asked to comment on the quote you posted.

  4. "Thou hadst little wit in thy bald crown when thou gavest thy golden one away."
    I chose this quote because I felt that this quote talks about the bad judgement King Lear had when he disowned Cordelia. "Little wit" seems to refer to the belief shown throughout the play that King Lear has lost his mind, and "thy golden one" seems to implicate how much Cordelia meant to King Lear. The Fool seems to be almost like a chorus. He is telling King Lear the harsh truth, that he was wrong in disowning Cordelia, and unwise to listen to his other daughters.

  5. Have more than thou showest,
    Speak less than thou knowest,
    lend less than thou owest,
    Ride more than thou goest,
    learn more than thou trowest,
    set less than thou throwest,
    leave thy drink and thy whore,
    adn keep in-a-door,
    and thou shalt have more
    than two tens to a score.

    In my opinion i think this means that u should never "show" your self completely, this being that other persons will not know you completely so in a way they will be careful. how does this relates to king Lear; This particular an advice to the "KING" which is very epic and ironic. however this also can say in a similar way that he shouldn't give away his land because he now will not have nothing.

  6. "I have used it, nuncle, ever since thou madest thy daughters thy mother; for when though gavest them the rod, and put down thine own breeches, then they for sudden joy did weep, and i for sorrow sung, that such a king should play bo-peep and go the fools among." (I,iv,169-175)

    I selected this quote because I believe that it is representative of what the entire story is about; a king foolishly giving away his kingdom and authority to his ungrateful daughters. It is also the beginning of the hidden conflict being forced into the open. A conflict which consists of King Lear's foolishness, his daughters' ingratitude, and the shift of power and authority.

    The rod is representative of authority,and the kingdom, and it is being passed from king Lear to his daughters, who could not be happier about it. Now they can enforce their authority on him, "thou madest thy daughters thy mother". At the same time, by diving his kingdom, the king is distorting the order of things. He is no longer acting like a king should, but instead his ego and ignorance show him to be a fool.

  7. act 1 scence 5 pg 38 line 39....yes indeed. thou wouldst make a good fool.

  8. Who is Mila? Please complete your posting.

  9. Act1 scene 4 lines 236 to 23, king Lear says "who is it that can tell me who I am?", then the fool says, "Lears's shadow." this implies that King Lear is not the person he use to be.

  10. Brittany, that's a good start, but I think there is more to it than you have stated. Generalize, as you have, then get to the specifics. They must enter into your discussion.

  11. Act 1 scene 5: lines 51-54, Fool: She that's a maid now, and laughs at my departure, shall not be a maid long, unless things be cut shorter." I believe that the fool tries to give advice to Lear because now Lear actually realizes what his daughter is really like. What the fool is trying to say is that she seems like she has it all now but in the end she won't be happy.

  12. "May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?" (I, iv, 206)
    I chose this quote because it shows the irony of how things played out and how backwards things seem to be going. I think the quote means that instead of King Lear being the head of the household and ruling his daughters it seems to be the other way around. This is important to the play because not only does it sho how disorganized everything is but it shows how King Lear made a mistake in giving away his land so soon.

  13. "If thou wert my Fool, Nuncle, I'd have thee beaten for being old before thy time." ( I, V,41-42)

    The fool here is telling King Lear that if he were to have been a fool, he would have been beaten. I feel like the fool said this because old person are known for not knowing very well what they are doing. So he is telling King Lear he become dumb before time. He became dumb because he gave away everything he had to his ungrateful daughters.

  14. Well my quote, I believe it was

    Act 1, IV lines 147-148

    "All thy other titles thou hast given away; that thou wast born with"

  15. I chose this Line because to me it tells the gist of what King Lear did (give away his kingdom), and it shows why he is being treated not as royalty, but as a normal human.

    I do love Alyssa's quote that she had chose, and also I love her explanation for it. It actually makes sense, and to me, I feel as if the Fool is the only real eyes that King Lear could ever have.

  16. “Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise.”
    The Fool is pointing out the fact that Lear should be wise by now considering his age. Since King Lear is not as wise as he should be for his age, the Fool states that because of it he has made an error in giving his daughters his inheritance. King Lear should've been wise before deciding to divide his inheritance with Goneril and Regan.

  17. "If I gave them all my living, I’d keep my coxcombs myself.There’s mine. Beg another of thy daughters."
    Act 1,sc.4
    The Fool is an outspoken person. He tells the truth even when it hurts.The Fool is trying to say he has two fool caps,he already has his and the other one could be for King Lear's daughters.The fool does not care if he tells the truth to the king. Even if it's bad or good.