Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Creature's Narrative

Be prepared to write answers to the following questions in class tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed reading Frankenstein this weekend.

1.Why does the creature seek refuge in the cottage?
2.What motivates the creature to spy on the Delaceys? Why is he so interested in them?
3.Why does he at first have such difficulty in understanding the cottagers?
4.What does the creature do to address this problem and to overcome this difficulty?
   5.Why does the creature do what he does for the Delaceys?
6.What disposes and enables the creature to understand the Delaceys?
7.How does he become literate?
8. How many and what language(s) does he master? How does he do this?
9. Why do you think the creature conceals himself from Delaceys?
10.What does the creature’s insatiable interest in learning about and from the cottagers tell us about him?
11. What do you think the creature learns about this family and the concept of family?                       
12. What books does he read?
13. What do the books he reads reveal to him about humanity? (Use the Internet.)
14. Of what are the Delacey’s a microcosm? Explain.
15.How does his understanding of the DeLaceys change during his stay in the cottage?
16.How is he changed (or humanized) by his voyeurism and reading?
17.Why is this transformation for the better or the worse? 
18.What are the qualities that make us human?


  1. I already finished the questions in class today. & Frankenstein was a challenging book to read but thanks to sparks notes and the discussions in class it made me comprehend the book better!

  2. I'm still working on these questions.... I'm also working on my literature log, it's not easy!

  3. Mr. Balgley, I am trying to finish reading Frankenstein and answer the questions. As well as trying to finish the Independent Reading Book that is due soon.

  4. The double entry lit. logs are due a week before the end of the semester. Place things in perspective, alot appropriate time to get things done, and do them. Please don't worry excessively, just do your work. Okay?