Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Assignments: For Those Who Didn't Do Them

  • PLEASE, write your name and the date on all written work.
  • Enter the blog, explore the postings and comments, and find the posted assignments you were given.
  • Rewrite the entire sonnet test with the correct answers. (Your classmates provided you with them, and they are posted on the blog.)
Saint Crispan's Day Speech
Sonnet 130
Compare Sonnet 18 to Spenser's "One Day I wrote Her Name Upon The Strand"
negation prefixes/words
self-created words from Latin prefixes
"The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" vs. Raleigh's reply
The reply to Raleigh (on our class blog) 
Blake's Chimney Sweeper Poems (from A.P. Test)
Shakespeare's procreation sonnets compare two
Columbia University
"Shooting an Elephant" - annotate and highlight
"Shooting an Elephant" essay
"My Last Duchess" Essay TEST
Sonnet TEST Short Answer
Sonnet Essay TEST
Hamlet Act I
Checking Literature Logs
Hamlet Act Act II Q's
Ophelia Questions
Hamlet Act III Q's
Hamlet Act IV Q's
Hamlet Act V Q's
post high school
Hamlet student written TEST
Hamlet Essay TEST
"Allegory of the Cave"
Compare Walter and Victor's childhoods
College Matrix
Dichotomy in Frankenstein
Frankenstein's creature
Books read by the creature (Internet work)


  1. Mr. Balgley, when are these missing assignments due?

  2. One at a time, until they are done- i.e., before the end of the fall semester.

  3. You may need to elaborate more on these assignments, so i can understand them Mr. Balgley. Also when is the end of the fall semester?

  4. Did you keep track of the ones we did or didn't do...? I've handed in all my Hamlet questions the last two marking periods. Would you be able to tell us the ones we're missing..

  5. I feel like I did do these assignments. Do you think you can e-mail me the ones that I'm missing? My e-mail is Mlukolic@yahoo.com