Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Classmates Answers

Sonnet/Poetry Test.
Had you collectivelly taken the test, without the use of cell phones, you would have received a grade of 100%. Your classmates did answer the questions correctly.  Learn from them. Please rewrite each test questions as a sentence with a correct answer.  I am asking you to use this test as a learning instrument.
1. Italian love song: Katherine
2. Italian: Lam
3. Dante: Stephanie
4. Petrarch: Susan
5. Italian Sonnet: Jeanette
6. octave: Kenny
7. 8 lines: Kenny
8. sestet: Malthen
9. 6 lines: Farrid
10. personification: Nyasia
11. quatrains: Brandon
12. 14th Century: Chandanie (in essay)
13. 1609: Kenny
14. personification: Katherine
15. ababcdcdefefgg: Victor
16. quatrains: Amy
17. couplet: Chrisma
18. alternating rhyme: Chandanie
19. masculine: Ana
20. feminine: Tiffany
21. personification: Brittany
22. repetition: Maurice
23. asks a question: Yenifer
24 a. the lines of the poem: Malthen
      b. a summer's day compared to a person: Brandon
25. iambic pentameter: Raymond
26. when the endings are spelled the same but sound different: Stephanie
27 a. words last syllables are spelled differently or the same and sound the same:Yennifer
      b. rhyme that occurs within a single line of verse: Melida
28. But: Tiffany
29. introduces the antithesis: Yennifer
30. vowel: Victor


  1. Mr Balgley can you please be specific to what Katherine you are referring to because if you are aware there two katherine in this class

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Yes Katherine, I do know there are two of you in class, and that the two of you have different last names.

  3. are you going to count the blog as a grade for this marking period? most of it are questions for hamlet.

  4. No Ivy, you are supposed to respond to poems, plays, novels, and short stories on the blog as you read them. The blog is principally a forum for discourse. I expect you to engage your classmates in discussion about what you have read, especially so when you have missed class. Questions are posted to guide your reading and for me to see how well you have understood what you have read.
    As I have said repeatedly in class, BLOGGING IS FACTORED INTO YOUR GRADE.