Sunday, October 3, 2010

Partnership and Novel Selection Due Monday.

Please use the authors and book titles given to you as
a yardstick for sensing whether or not the book you
chose will be acceptable for this work. Do not chose
a book you read last year for Ms. Seimer's class. I hope
you have carefully looked at several books before deciding
on one; likewise, I hope you have considered several classmates,
before selecting one with whom to read this book in partnership.

The literature log prompts distributed in class today are intended
to help you write about what you have read in case you become
stuck.  As you read the book you are expected to make regular dated
entries into your literature log and to indicate the chapters or pages in
the book to which they relate. Your literature logs will be collected
by me for evaluation before Christmas. I will also ask you to bring
them to class for me to look at while you are taking tests or exams.
You and your partner are to start on this 
IMMEDIATELY.  Remember this work
is to be done outside the classroom. The 
reading and both your literature logs are
to be completed before Christmas.


  1. Hey Bagley! I don't know if you received an email regarding me and Yennifer's (my partner) book choice. If you didn't receive it then I am here to tell you that me and my partner (Yennifer M.) picked a book and our selection was "Truman Capote-In Cold Blood". See you tomorrow.

    - Katherine Suazo

  2. When do we start this log? And we all get the same exam even though they're different books? And we end the log when we're done with the book? How do we read together? In class or plan the book pages to read each night?

  3. I agree with Ivy, when do we start the logs? Also, are some of the books on the list avaliable within the school? :)