Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Hamlet" the "globe" and The Globe

First off I'd like to say I'm very pleased with those students who participated in today's lesson.  It is clear to me that some of you are working hard at understanding the text; however, I would like more of you to do so and more of you to participate in class discussion.  

Act I is the exposition of the play. The characters, the problems, and the themes Shakespeare develops throughout the play are clearly present in this first act. Please read this first act aloud, and with care, scene by scene.  Post your comments and questions in relation to act, scene, page, and line number(s) so your classmates know precisely what you are referring to.

1. The first marking period ends in ten days.
2. I will collect and read your literature log BEFORE computing your grade. Get a move on!
3. Outstanding (no pun intended) work should be handed in NOW.
4. There'll be a sonnet/poetry test on Monday-study your notes & Google "sonnet" et.al.
5. There'll be an in class written "Hamlet" essay, in which you'll discuss, analyze, and interpret a passage. 
6. Your participation or lack thereof on the class blog will be evaluated.
7. Your completed College Portfolio is due in November, before Thanksgiving. What have you done?
8. Once again, I am available to help you or to conference with you period 1, 8, or after school.


  1. Mr. Balgley, I understand "Hamlet" better when you act it out in class. I understand it when I read on my own but It's easier to understand in class. If you understand what I mean.

  2. i know when i read on my own i dont understand then i read in class and it all makes sense

  3. yes, i agree. I feel the same way. I prefer reading "Hamlet" in class then at home.

  4. I also find it quite entertaining when our classmates act out the play and adds a voice and tone to the words. :D

  5. Sir haven't really started the college portfolio because i don't really understand it and i cant find the book to start the log so i guess ima fail =(

  6. I really enjoyed playing Marcellus,and the literature log has to be handed in along with what me and my partner have done in our notebooks?

  7. Hamlet is starting to capture my attention.. even thou Im not a big fan of plays

    Also can i get the literature log

  8. I really enjoyed reading out loud today. It made me feel more awake in the classroom and more lively...

  9. Mr.Balgley can you please get a translation for us for "Hamlet". Trying to understand old English is frustrating and reading on my own adds more frustration.

  10. Hamlet is challenging, no doubt about it; however, this is an A.P. English class and I do not provide what you refer to as "translations." If you give sufficient time to reading the text ALOUD to yourself, and if you push yourself through sections you don't understand and don't allow them to frustrate or to stop you, you will soon become proficient at reading Shakespeare. Of course this does and will require effort on your part, but believe me, this effort will pay off amply. I am not an advocate of what you refer to
    as "translations," since Shakespeare is among the greatest of English writers I expect you to read what he wrote. At your own discretion or peril, you may choose to use things to assist you in understanding the text.