Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Play About Antigone's Brothers' Conflict

Aeschylus, in whose plays Sophocles performed as a chorus member, wrote a play that chronologically directly precedes the action in Antigone.  It is called Seven Against Thebes.  Since many of you have  expressed a keen interest in Ancient Greek Drama, and several of you have read all three of the Theban Tragedies, I thought this play might be of interest to you as well. Have a great Greek weekend. 
EXTRA CREDIT: After reading Seven Against Thebes, prepare and give a ten minute report to the class about this play's structure, characters and narrative. Also discuss the differences and the similarities Aeschylus'  tragedy has to Antigone. This assignment is very well suited for two students. Please email me a.s.a.p. if you intend to make this presentation.


  1. If we choose to do it by when would we have to do it?

  2. I would like to read Seven Against Thebes Mr. Balgley. Do you happen to have an extra copy?