Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HAMLET Test Monday or Tuesday or both.

What is a dichotomy?
Which dichotomies were pointed out to you in class?
Compare medieval and renaissance values expressed in Hamlet.
How do pagan, Christian, and intellectual dictates in Hamlet contest with one another?
Why are Hamlet's soliloquys so central to this play?
Identify the most important soliloquys and the most important dialogue within the play.
Why are both the players and Horatio of such importance in this play?
How do concerns Hamlet express in his soliloquies change as the play progresses?
How is Hamlet a political creature?
How is  Hamlet's Denmark portrayed?

I strongly urge you yo reread sections of Hamlet, think about what we discuss in class tomorrow and Friday, blog about aspects of the play I will alert you to on this post and in class, ask questions, express your thought and intelligently disagree with one another in writing on this blog.


  1. TO STUDY.... OR NOT TO STUDY.... THAT is the question...

    (of course I will :D)

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  3. I strongly suggest that all of you start REREADING Hamlet at once, since the short answer section of the test will consist entirely of quotations from the play you will have to position, identify, and write about. It most definitely will not be a Ha Ha Test!

  4. I forgot what you said about the dichotomies!!!!

  5. will we have to know what act and or scene the quote came from?

  6. what does dichotomy mean again?

  7. You'll need to know who said it, its meaning, and why or to whom it was said. You do not need to say which act or scene it comes from, but you should have a clear idea as to where it fits into the play.

  8. Mr. Balgley, I am rereading Hamlet now. How specific are the questions going to be? Do we just need to know the main ideas and events that occur throughout the play? Or do you want really detailed specifics such as Act number, Scene number, who said what, who did what.. etc. Thanks Mr. Balgley!

    Rereading it a second time after going over it the first time in class makes it a lot clearer and I can understand why you want us to reread it so many times.

  9. Yeah Mr. Balglety I also forgot about dichotomy, could you explain that again.

  10. Can this be an open notes test?

  11. The A.P. Test is neither an open textbook nor an open notebook test, therefore I am inclined to say no. I may delay the test to Tuesday so you have more time to discuss the play in class and to better prepare yourself for the HAMLET essay test. (You have had ample time to blog about this play already.)

  12. I appreciate you giving us more time to prepare for this exam.. I am unable too memorize the lines and whom said the lines.. so what do you recommend..